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  • MBA, Ph.D in Management
    Harvard university
    Feb-1997 - Aug-2003


  • Professor
    Strayer University
    Jan-2007 - Present


I am interested in helping individuals who are looking to improve their finance, accounting or economics knowledge, prepare for their Wall Street career, or become a better Analyst/Associate. Previous individuals have asked for help with exam preparation, homework/projects and job preparation.

I have over 8 years of tutoring experience across a variety of subjects and in 1x1 settings as well as classroom settings (of up to 2000+ students). In college, I worked as a HOD for Microeconomics and Corporate Valuation. Additionally, I helped co-run the Investment Banking Association, where I assisted juniors/seniors in preparing for and securing internship positions at leading investment banks in Houston and Strayer. I am confident that given my experiences I can help you get a better grasp on the material at hand!

I am always ready to help with my professional skills of Online Tutoring and Custom writing.


OMG* How good you people are? i am pretty happy now. I am really relaxed now that i am in heaven of my school work helper. Thank You guys


Where is the file I paid for?


where is the file?




i am not seeing the file


good moring i can't found the answer


No answer


I never got the answer,


Paid for the sheet, did not receive it

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