Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Students

  • How Can I Register?

    You can do this by clicking on the "Sign Up" button which can be found on the home page. This takes you to a new page where you fill out your details and hit sign up.

  • How Do I Submit A Question?

    Questions can be submitted to us through Ask a Question Option. You can review detailed process of posting question at How It Works. As soon as we receive your question, we would respond within 10 minutes.

  • What Subjects Can I Submit A Question On?

    You can submit questions on any academic subject you choose. Some of them are Accounting, Auditing, Applied Mathematics, Asian History, Biology, Business, Calculus, Chemical Engineering, Criminal Studies , Cost Accounting, Chemistry ,Chinese, Civil Engineering, College Algebra, Communications, Computer Science, Earth Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, English, European History, Finance, French, Geometry, German, History, Human Resource Management, Health Care, Humanities, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Linear Algebra, Management, Marketing, Math, Mental Health Mechanical Engineering , Organizational Behaviour Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Portuguese , Precalculus, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics and Probability, Strategic Management, Tax, Trigonometry, US History, Web Design, Writing and more

  • Can You Help Me With A Quiz, Test Or Exam?

    We can help you in solving a past question paper of an exam, Assignment, Homework, test, or quiz.

  • How Do I Hire A Tutor For Homework/Session?

    You will make a request for a tutor and our tutors who are available will make a bid to provide you with a solution to your homework or deliver tutoring Session.

  • Are The Tutors Qualified?

    Yes. Our tutors are all professionals in their respective fields. In addition to their university degrees and professional qualifications, they also boast of a great wealth of experience in their professional fields.

  • Can I Rate A Tutor?

    You are given an opportunity to rate a tutor after the assignment with the tutor is completed.

  • How Much Do I Have To Pay For The Service?

    When you request for a tutor, our tutors offer their quotes to you. You are required to make a 30% down payment of the quote you accept before the tutor commences to provide a solution to your question. On providing a solution to your question, you now pay the balance. For booking Tutoring Session you have to pay full price in advance. Solution Bank Item comes with price listed.

  • Is My Payment Secure?

    Your payments are secure. They can be made with PayPal or any major debit or credit card.

  • Do I Get A Proof Of Payment?

    On receipt of your payment, we will send you an acknowledgement through email.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get Answers To A Submitted Question?

    There is no defined time to get a solution to your questions. It depends on the complexity of the question and deadline you have submitted. . On submission of your Answer, you will be notified that your solution is ready to pick up.

  • Who Do I Contact If The Answer To A Submitted Question Is Delayed?

    The chances of this ever happening is almost non-existent. If however there is a reason for the solution to a question that you submitted to be delayed, your tutor will send you an email/Website inbox explaining the cause of the delay. There is also an assignment tracking option on our website which you can use to know the stage of the question which you submitted for a solution. You are also free to make your complaints to our Customer Support. 

  • Will My Information Be Kept Confidential?

    Every information that you give to us is strictly confidential. We will never reveal it to a third party.

  • Will My Answer Be Used By Another Person?

    The solution to your question will never be used by another person. We achieve this by making sure that solution is Brand new if you place a Fresh Order.

  • How Do I Use The Solution Bank?

    After you register, you can use solution library. In Solution Bank you can get different solutions already answered by different tutors for guide purpose.

    For searching Solutions, You can Copy content of your question and Paste it in Search Box, and Hit search, you will see all Results.

    Nevertheless, you have to bear in mind that we do not encourage any copying or direct submission of our samples Assignments to your educators/Schools just for the chance of getting higher grading. Our sample content is entirely copyrighted and any misuse will most likely bring you to criminal justice at the court of law. We offer these samples as forms of guidance and assistance, and not for you to copy it word by word and not even learn a thing yourself.

  • How Do I Change My Profile Setting?

    Click on the drop down menu and you will find "View/Edit My Profile." Click on it to change your profile settings.

  • How Do I Change My Username/Email?

    Users are not allowed to change their usernames or emails on their own. If a User wishes to change username/Email, he/she should contact a Customer Support Staff to assist in that regard.

  • How Do I Change My Password?

    Click on the drop down menu and click on “View/Edit My Profile." Enter your new Password under account information and click on the "Save" button to effect the change.

  • How Do I Deactivate My Account?

    Click on the drop down menu and click on "“View/Edit My Profile". You will find a "Deactivate" button. When you click on it a window will pop up asking if you want to deactivate your account. Click "Yes" and your account will be deactivated. After this you will not be able to use the account again.

  • How Do I Reset My Password?

    Click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link if you forgot your password, type in your email address and click on "Reset Password" to receive a temporary password which you can change afterwards. If you do not receive an email within an hour please contact Customer Support.

FAQs for Teachers

  • I´d like to be a tutor. How can I apply for a job?

    You have to be a qualified person in the subject area you are applying and register in our website by visiting Become A Tutor Page. Then we will send you a confirmation message and you will have to send us some documents that prove your qualifications.

  • How can I send the documents you require to hire me?

    You can send us the documents via email. We will send you an email that confirms we have received and read your information with the final response whether you are in our team or not. The documents should be sent the same day you register and our response could take some hours or days to be sent.

  • When can I start teaching?

    AS soon as we send you the final response via email, you can login your tutoring Dashboard. Where you can see Jobs and start bidding.

  • Do I have to make a professional profile?

    Yes. We recommend you to write a professional profile describing in a very detailed way your skills, experience and qualifications regarding the job you are applying in order to give the students the best impression of you and hire you as a tutor.

  • When do I receive my payment?

    You must wait for the student´s appreciation of the class and then you will receive our feedback. If you cover all the expectations of our Online Tutoring Platform you will be paid through PayPal, bank transfer (international).

  • What is the minimal amount I have to earn in order to receive the payment?

    Tutors must teach only one lesson at a time. Request feedback from student every time they send the work. Do not provide plagiarized work to students. You should not give personal information or any private information to the students. Be a positive, engaging teacher every time you give a response to the student. Write in a formal, professional style. Punctuality is very important, we have a registration of the beginning and ending of the lessons from the students and teachers. If doubts and unexpected thoughts come after you, you should communicate to our Online Tutoring Platform Support in our website.

  • Is there a sanction or punishment if I do not fill the expectations?

    You will have a final evaluation every time you give a lesson or write any assignment, so if your skills do not fill our expectations, we will give you a chance to redo but no more than two times to show you are able to be the tutor we are looking for. We accept the most talented people in the field we are requiring. Once the second chance is wasted, we do not accept the tutor again and will be substituted immediately.

  • How can I contact Online Tutoring Platform Support Section?

    Go Home and click the Support button On contact Us Page. 

  • I have an emergency and I cannot teach a lesson. What should I do?

    Contact with student via Message and Email, In case of no Response from his side, You can contact with our Support number and we will receive your communication.

  • If I could not teach a lesson do I have the chance to reschedule it?

    No. Your lesson will be given to another tutor online in order to give a fast attention to the students. Therefore, we recommend you to find another student and to teach them at the exact day-time scheduled.

  • Do I have to be trained before tutoring?

    Our Online Tutoring Platform has a Training Manual for Teachers.

  • Is there a trial period in Online Tutoring Platform?

    Yes. Once you have passed the training lessons, you will be directed to My first class section in order to prove the skills and abilities you have. If the student is satisfied with your lesson, you will be able to start earning money with us.

  • Is there any other specific information I have to know about Online Tutoring Platform?

    Go to Support section and you can communicate with us in any moment. We are available to help you and give you all the information you need to work with us.