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Category > Computer Science Posted 23 Oct 2017 My Price 9.00

Ask for input for numerous non-negative integers.



The file must be called unit2Prog.cpp


Program Definition

1 Create program definition for sumDigits Function. Function will receive and return an integer.


Main Method

1 Ask for input for numerous non-negative integers.

2 Using pass-by-reference, pass integer received into recursive function called sumDigits.

3 Receive result back from sumDigits and output result to screen.

4 Include: system("PAUSE");after your output to pause the screen.

See example below.


sumDigits Function (Receives integer)

1 Recursivelycall sumDigits adding up the integers received.

2 Return result to main method for output.

3 If a single digit is received, just return it to the main method.


Example output of your program

Run 1:

Enter a nonnegative integer: 23

The sum of the digits of 23 is 5

Run 2:

Enter a nonnegative integer: 1234

The sum of the digits of 1234 is 10

Run 3:

Enter a nonnegative integer: 90513

The sum of the digits of 90513 is 18

Run 4:

Enter a nonnegative integer: 2147483647

The sum of the digits of 2147483647 is 46


Status NEW Posted 23 Oct 2017 01:10 PM My Price 9.00

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