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SobTell LLC is a privately held Online Tutoring Platform which provides learners with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn online at their own convenience. Our company is built on the foundation of impacting education, expert and professional tutors, and an amazing learning experience. Our staff is well trained on customer handling which ensures that our clients are handled with the care, understanding, and professionalism they deserve. All of our staff are professionals and well versed on the variety of courses that we offer ensuring the learner is well prepared for the various industries in the real world. In addition to that, our team is dedicated to producing great results and the satisfaction of the customer which ensures we get referred clients and our reputation grows.

Expert Tutors

We have a big team of expert tutors which ensures there's no workload overload and all our customers' needs are met in a timely manner. This large team also provides for cooperation and team work ensuring better results for our clients and a shorter turn-around time. When you choose our services, we can guarantee that they will be surprised at how learning with us is a fun and engaging process. We believe 100% plagiarism free work and quality work. Our website is updated with the latest technology of on Screen White board and other innovative measures to ensure the learning process is smooth and flexible. It is also easy to navigate, and this ensures that client can easily locate what they are interested in finding.

Customer is King

We provide detailed, effective and immediate communications for any queries or clarifications concerning our services. We offer flexible learning schedules and connects you to professional tutors including evening weekend, and online courses designed to fit your busy schedule thus improving the convenience. This is because we believe in the phrase 'Customer is King' and we believe that the mind absorbs knowledge when it is ready and not when it is dictated to by a rigid timetable. These and other are some of the values that give us an edge over other online Academic & Tutoring platforms.


Accounting, Auditing, Applied Mathematics, Asian History, Biology, Business, Calculus, Chemical Engineering, Criminal Studies , Cost Accounting, Chemistry ,Chinese, Civil Engineering, College Algebra, Communications, Computer Science, Earth Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, English, European History, Finance, French, Geometry, German, History, Human Resource Management, Health Care, Humanities, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Linear Algebra, Management, Marketing, Math, Mental Health Mechanical Engineering , Organizational Behaviour Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Portuguese , Precalculus, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics and Probability, Strategic Management, Tax, Trigonometry, US History, Web Design, Writing and more.

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