Terms and Conditions

All users of SOBTELL.COM are mandated to act in accordance to the terms and conditions as described below while using the services provided by SOBTELL.COM. If you are found to have breached any of the terms and conditions as applied by SOBTELL.COM, you will be forbidden from any further usage of SOBTELL.COM’s products and services.

SOBTELL.COM is developed only to assist all those who are in need of educational assistance, and nothing else. We are, in no way, affiliated with any other educational institutions or facilities. Therefore, we are not breaking any rules that might apply to any country. Users are advised to be careful and aware of the rules that may apply to them while using the products and services we provide. If you are found to have broken the local rules by using SOBTELL.COM, we will not take responsibility for any of the consequences that may be inflicted on your person or persons.

Copyrighted Trademark and Content

All logo, images, and content uploaded on SOBTELL.COM are solely owned by SOBTELL.COM and SOBTELL.COM only. Our website content is, in its entirety, protected by the judiciary copyright law. Hence, any copying or reinstating of website’s material is strictly forbidden. You are only allowed to print out our material in the event that you are using it for non-commercial purposes, such as study sessions. On the other hand, commercial usage is not, in any way, permitted. If found that you have broken this term, we will not hesitate to bring you to the court of law.

Limitation on Use

It is compulsory for all users of SOBTELL.COM products and services to be at least thirteen years of age. Bear in mind that you will be asked to produce proof of your age during registration – this is so we can ensure that you are of the appropriate age to be a part of the SOBTELL.COM community. Nevertheless, if you are under thirteen years of age, you may only pursue usage of our services with the consent of a form of parental guardian. Any transferal of the receipt of SOBTELL.COM services is firmly prohibited. Once registration is performed and license is granted, you are, under any circumstances, not allowed to pass your login access to any party other than you, unless we have offered written permission to do so. As a member of the SOBTELL.COM community, we will grant you a limited authority to avail our services in the form of modify copy, download, distribute, display, perform, transmit, publish, reproduce, duplicate, or offer for sale, given that all these are done for personal non-commercial purposes and we have given written consent.

If you are found to have violated these terms, your license to access SOBTELL.COM services will be instantly revoked without exceptions. You are swearing that you will only use SOBTELL.COM products and services for study purposes and some such when you register to be a part of the SOBTELL.COM community. You will not be submitting our content as original study work to acquire course credit or grade.


We will hold no accountability if you face any disruption or delay while attempting to access our website. Be that as it may, we are willing to extend a hand should you need it. In the event that there is damage inflicted upon your server, PC or network, or your data is nowhere to be found, SOBTELL.COM refuses to take on any responsibility for such occurrences. All of our servers and contents are under tight surveillance and have always undergone maintenance procedure, using only trusted and well tested programs to run the site. We are still entitled for downtimes and suspend access due to scheduled maintenance or updates of the website.

Apart from that, among the content and material you will see on our website, we also offer no guarantee to their:

  • Accuracy
  • Adequacy
  • Correctness
  • Compatibility

In case you face grading problems due to connection error or suspended access, SOBTELL.COM does not account for such cases. We will prepare a team that is fully committed to assist you in any way you need from the academic aspects. Nevertheless, we will not take responsibility for the outcome of it all.

System Security

As a member of the SOBTELL.COM community, you are making a promise that you will, under no circumstances, not allowed to give permission to any third party to violate – or attempt to violate – any security angle of our website. You agree that you will not attempt to make any changes, such as modify, reverse, engineer, disassemble, decompile, copy, or cause damage or any undesired impact, to any aspect of our website, including the coding and the software used. This also applies to any attempts to allow a third party to do so.

Agreeing to this means that you have a full understanding of the judiciary laws that you will be violating if you break any of these terms. This will possibly lead to severe criminal prosecution. Examples of violating the terms include:

  • Accessing data unlawfully or without consent
  • Attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures
  • Attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network, including without limitation, via means of overloading, "flooding", "mail bombing or "crashing"
  • Forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup posting
  • Taking any action in order to obtain goods to which you are not entitled (including but not limited to "cardholder not present" fraud)


Registration fee for SOBTELL.COM will always be free of charge. Subscription of any of our products and services are also free of charge. Still, we hold the privilege to add on any fees – registration or subscription – should we feel the need for it in the future.

Tutoring sessions, however, will mandate you to pay a certain amount of tutor fees. The same applies to Ordering Homework from your tutor. We call these the ‘tutor quote’. The tutor quote is entirely dependent on how much your selected tutor charges you. Follow-up questions or explanations will not be charged to your bill, given that you stay within the limited number of additional requests. Nevertheless, in case you still require another session of online tutoring, you will have to follow the set procedure and pay for another online session according to the tutor’s listed charges.

Once you have made a decision on which tutor you wish to educate you, and the kind of homework assistance you need, you will receive an official quote from SOBTELL.COM. You can either choose to accept it by registering a payment option – PayPal, or Direct Debit etc. – or you can just ignore the quote. However, should you choose to ignore the quote request, keep in mind that you will not be able to access the product or service that you wish to access, meaning that you will not be receiving any tutor services or homework assistance. Upon authorizing payment, SOBTELL.COM will directly credit on your bill. After that, you will be privileged to the tutor services and homework assistance that you have selected.


If a time comes when parts of the terms and conditions are inapplicable, bear in mind that it does not, in any way, affect the other parts of the terms and conditions. In other words, you will still have to follow through with the contractual agreement that you have agreed to, regardless of the unenforceable section of the terms and conditions.


We reserve the rights to perform any amendments or corrections to this set of terms and conditions, even if it is done without notifying fellow users of the SOBTELL.COM community. Once amendment completed, the new set of terms and conditions will be our new contractual agreement with you, superseding the previous set of terms and conditions.

No Guarantee

SOBTELL.COM is always on the move to ensure that the content and material displayed on our website are of the highest quality. However, as a member of the SOBTELL.COM community, you agree to understand that there will be occasions in which we will not be able to maintain the quality, accuracy, fulfillment or the validity of the product and services that we offer on our website. We do not guarantee we will be able to fulfill each and every one of your requests, nor do we promise that we will be able to provide the materials that you request for. Nonetheless, SOBTELL.COM will compile the most comprehensive educational content for all levels of educations as much as possible.

Take Science or Math as an example. It is a general knowledge that a lot of topics within these subjects can be solved by using numerous methods. You must understand that we may not be able to offer you the desired problem solving method. If you are adamant on a specific solution, you must direct this request to your selected tutor so that they can give the appropriate teachings during your online session.

Privacy Policy

You can be confident as a part of SOBTELL.COM that we will protect all aspects of your login details. We will not sell or distribute your name, phone number, email address, or payment details to any third party, unless you have given us written consent. When we use your details, it will be so that we can contact your, and credit your billing amount. Upon registration and subscription, you can be assured that we will not sell or distribute your personal details to tutors, unless you distribute these details yourself. We understand that by doing so, we are breaching judiciary laws of privacy protection, hence this can be enough to bring us to criminal prosecution.

Contact Us

Any questions regarding our terms and conditions, feel free to submit them by contacting us via telephone number, email, or chat.


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