Where can I ask questions online, please suggest sites

When you’re stuck in a problem while solving a physics numerical or while scanning your computer of virus, you should seek assistance online. If you’re stuck in the question, where can I ask questions online?Well, many Q and A websites and forums out there can help.

When you are mid-way your education program, you may usually get stuck with a problem or an assignment that is time bound and you’re finding no time to do it. No matter what you do, you are getting no answer to your problem, or not finding someone who can help with the assignment. In cases like this, you may need answers to questions,so where do you go for the solution to your problem?

When thinking about the problem students face, we thought of doing the legwork to acquaint students with the beautiful communities and websites that have answers you may be looking for or tip that might be helpful to find the solution to your problem. Some of these websites are:


Quora is a website with very informative content shared by the website community – its readers. Quora deals with a host of tops and most answers here are from experts in various domains, which makes it a useful resource for all the academic related questions and queries. To be a part, you will need to sign up to the website, after which by clicking on ASK QUESTION you can ask the questions that have been troubling you.


For serious academicians who value useful information, Reddit is the best place to visit. Reddit is home to various communities (sub Reddits) where discussions are held on the topics of particular interest. A student can register with Reddit, participate in sub Reddits of interest, ask questions, and indulge in discussions to clear his/her doubts.

Google Groups

A service provided by Google, Google Groups is a platform to create communities where people sharing common interests can come together, make discussions and help resolve issues for each other. Google Group is also a question and answer forum, where any registered member can question experts and like-minded people in the community and find answer to their problem.