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What is CISA Certification? A Beginner's Guide

CISA is a short term for Certified Information Systems Auditor. This certification is issued by ISACA and is especially for folks who are having charge of assuring that IT, as well as business systems, are supervised, managed, and secured.

Getting this certification is possible only after completing a process of comprehensive testing, as well as application. It is one of the certifications that are recognized globally. This is mainly to appraise the skill, knowledge, and expertise in evaluating the vulnerabilities of an IT auditor.

Getting certified in CISA can be very useful because employers all over the world accept this certification. Moreover, it is often asked when there is recruitment for the position of SIM (Security Information Management) and IT audit. In fact, most of the employers look for CISA certification.

Benefits of CISA Certification

CISA certification offers many benefits. Some of them are:

1. Great Job Offers

This certification can help you get a job in higher positions, mainly in the position of IT auditing. As we wrote above, CISA certified candidates are the most wanted people for the position of IT auditing.

2. Take your IT Auditing Career to Higher Level

IT auditing is one of the highly valued positions. This is because most of the accounting functions are performed via information systems. The demand for this job is very high and as a result, more number of opportunity is coming up in this field.

This is the scenario when the role of CISAs comes from the financial institutions in non-audit, as well as audit capacities. It includes IT compliance, control analysis, and risk management.

3. High Payment

As the demand for IT audit professionals is very high, employers are ready to hire them in high salary packages. This indicates that if you are in search of high pay jobs, then CISA certification can help you. With this certification, the chance of getting good salaried jobs is very high.

Responsibilities of CISA Expert

A CISA expert has several responsibilities, some among them are:

1. He\she have to implement an audit strategy for IS (Information System) depending on risk management.

2. Plan all the audits, which are beneficial to find out whether IT assets are secured, managed, and valued.

3. Responsible for sharing audit results, as well as giving suggestions to authority depending upon the outcomes.

4. Execution of audits according to the objectives, as well as standards of the organization.

Apart from this, they have several other responsibilities. This includes assessing:

·         Value of the control framework of the IT

·         IT portfolio, as well as resource management

·         Monitoring and managing IT organizational structure, as well as controls and IT personnel

·         Strategies to get recovery from disaster and business continuity

·         Risk controlling practices

Things to Do for Becoming a CISA

To become a CISA certified individual, you have to complete the 5 essential steps given below.

·         Pass the CISA exam successfully

·         Apply for Certified Information System Auditor Certification

·         Abide by the Code of Professional Ethics from ISACA

·         Adhere to the Professional Education Program of ISACA

·         Meet the Information Systems Auditing Standards of ISACA

The CISA will test your knowledge in 5 areas. They are:

·         IT governance and management (16%)

·         Procurement, development, and execution of an information system (18%)

·         Operations, upkeep, support of information system (20%)

·         Auditing information system process (21%)

·         Security of information assets (25%)

To pass the CISA exam, you’ve to score 450 marks or more than that. This exam is conducted in six different languages such as Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin Simplified, Korean, and French.


I hope by reading this article, all of you’ve understood what CISA is and how it is beneficial in developing a great career.

Though we mentioned most of the things about CISA certification, if you’ve any doubt or want to know more about it, reach us. We are ready to help you.


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