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  • MBA,PHD in Psychology
    Northwest Florida State College
    Jun-1992 - May-1997


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    Northwest Florida State College,
    Aug-2006 - Nov-2015

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In essence, chemistry,physics,communication,science are the study of the change. And ultimately, these 'changes' are those that occur at the atomic level of our famous chemical elements; how they interact with each other, how they behave, and most importantly, how we can manipulate them to do amazing things. From synthesizing addition polymers like HDPE to solving for the internal energy of an expanding balloon. I focus on the foundations of chemistry by highlighting the keystone aspects that define its very nature. I take pertinent concepts from introductory chemistry, such as the periodic table of the elements and the SI unit system, and dissolve them into parcels of data that can easily be memorized, and that can be effectively recalled when you tackle the enigmatic units of chemistry that dazzle most students. I then offer meticulous and in depth explanations for the most daunting problems that plague chemistry. With me as your tutor, you will enter your chemistry lectures/classes with unparalleled confidence as your grades expeditiously ameliorate in a fortnight. Why surrender, instead make 'chemistry capitulate'

I am a distinguished graduate with Summa Cum Laude honors from Ivy Tech College. I make it my duty to break down many of the complexities in math and science that have been plaguing students since the beginning of time. I have over 7 years of teaching experience, and I have taught several middle-school and high-school students math, science and ACT/SAT prep who have went on to make 180 degree turns in their grades under my instruction. And because I have worked with such a vast diversity of people over the span of 16 countries throughout the world, I have developed the patience and understanding that is crucial in producing stellar students. Age has never been a problem with me, as I've helped several post-graduate students straighten out their grievances in math and science. 
As an engineering major at IIT, I naturally maintain an exemplary study ethic that inspires my students to achieve more. I bring results. I relate to my students by incorporating elements of the things that they like (sports, hobbies, music, etc...) into their most challenging courses allowing them to develop a passion for the courses I tutor. Additionally, I always make a conscious effort to work at each student's own pace and I make it my priority to decompose enigmatic topics into components that can be more easily internalized by my students, effectively increasing their grades and giving them the self-confidence and enthusiasm they need to fuel their future academic endeavors. I guarantee quality, commitment, and a passion for training my students to be the best.
I have lived in over 20 countries, which allowed me to speak several languages, and which permitted me to maintain my patience, élan and spirit of enthusiasm when dealing with even the most extreme personalities. I have solid background in both math and the natural sciences, as I have consistently maintained a 4.0 G.P.A since high school. I am now studying mechanical engineering at IIT, and I have gotten 5s in all of my AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Biology exams. I have also been the winner of many STEM-related competitions, through my demonstrating of exemplary leadership qualities and through my brainstorming of blue-sky ideas. I am also a "Mental-Math" practitioner, reflexologist and guitarist. I believe that everyone has potential; however potential is worthless unless put in motion. And experts like me value ourselves in our abilities to give students that push, that jolt of energy that galvanizes them into pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, allowing them to achieve academic excellence.