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Physics, chemistry, biology, physical science, earth science, life science, I can explain the concepts and help you remember the details to enable you to master your course of study.

I taught special education in private schools for over 20 years, and then worked in the insurance industry for a few years before earning my teaching certificate and returning to teaching in the last 3 years.


I have tutored a wide variety of students in subjects from reading and math to chemistry and biology, and study skills.


PR 12-4A Entries for bonds payable and installment note transactions The following transactions were completed by Winklevoss Inc., whose fiscal year is the calendar year: 2016 July 1. Issued $74,000,000 of 20-year, 11% callable bonds dated July 1, 2016, at a mar- ket (effective) rate of 13%, receiving cash of $63,532,267. Interest is payable semiannually on December 31 and June 30. How am i going to get my answer to this Preblem ?


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Materials and Labor Variances Deporte Company produces single-colored t-shirts. Materials for the shirts are dyed in large vats. After dying the materials for a given color, the vats must be cleaned and prepared for the next batch of materials to be colored. The following standards for changeover for a given batch have been established: Direct materials (2.4 lbs. @ $0.95) $2.28 Direct labor (0.75 hr. @ $7.40) 5.55 Standard prime cost $7.83 During the year, 79,500 pounds of material were purchased and used for the changeover activity. There were 30,000 batches produced, with the following actual prime costs: Direct materials $67,410 Direct labor $173,188 (for 22,450 hrs.) Required: Compute the materials and labor variances associated with the changeover activity, labeling each variance as favorable or unfavorable. Material Variances Price variance $ Usage variance $ Labor Variances Rate variance $ Efficiency variance $


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