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  • MBA,PHD, Juris Doctor
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    Mar-1995 - Mar-2002


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I have over 7 years tutoring for ACT preparation. I have a vast amount of materials that aid in lessons and regularly review the exam, in order to stay current with any changes in the test format. 
As an example, over a Summer session (which, yes, was very thorough and and rigorous), we worked together to raise his composite score by 7 points in a period of just 6 weeks.
I will help your son or daughter achieve their score through a variety of techniques, tailored to their needs, that I have fine-tuned during my years of experience with this exam.


want the answer to the question I paid for. please send file


want the answer to the question I paid for. please send file


Hi Sophie will you be able to send the answer in my email


Hello Sophia , please send me the answer sheet, I have purchased the assignment, its dude tonight


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