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  • bachelor in business administration
    Polytechnic State University Sanluis
    Jan-2006 - Nov-2010

  • CPA
    Polytechnic State University
    Jan-2012 - Nov-2016


  • Professor
    Harvard Square Academy (HS2)
    Mar-2012 - Present


I am eager and equally interested in applying to offer my skill. With the academic and leadership qualities that you are looking for, I believe I would be able to contribute to the objectives. 

I am presently enrolled in New York Institute of Technology as a junior in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and complete my bachelor's by December 2015. I am thrilled to know that you are looking for a tutor and I feel that this is the perfect platform for me.

As a result of my previous work experience in the Learning Center in my college for the last couple of years, I believe I am well equipped with not only academic qualifications but also experienced in working in an energetic and dynamic environment. I have been also serving for a tutoring Center, Math Matters and very much familiar with the new Common Core Curriculum. I am also familiar with Regions Curriculum I have also served as a Supplemental Instructor for Physics that adds to my leadership abilities.

An opportunity to be able to work will prove to be mutually beneficial. While I will be able to gain further experience about the real-world applications of teaching, I believe that will also be a great addition to the working terms and contribute to your goals and objectives.

I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe will be worthwhile for us to meet. I have enclosed my resume and would gladly answer any further.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.




Thank You for you all work i really appreciate it. Will use you and sobtell again for all my homework help

lee howe

managed to get the correct answers in the end. all correct and exactly what i was hoping for. would use again


This was not an answer to the question.


worst solution. i'm not sure it is right or not.


This answer does not even remotely answer the question it is supposed to. I cant believe you would sell this answer knowing it does not answer the question properly.


The answer isn't complete, only a portion of it is.


This is just the same anwser you get on Chegg. you just show the graphs not the equations you used to make the graph. total scam!!!


I wish it would let me do 0 stars. Your "answer" had no answer at all, just the question. Wasted $3.

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