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I have taught Finance for students who are taking advanced placement (AP Finance at the high school level. I have also taught undergraduate and graduate level, as well as, online (distance learning) Finance classes. 
These include:
Corporate financing and investment decision making, time value of money, asset valuation, capital budgeting decision methods, cash budgeting, and financial markets.
Analysis of environment in which financial decisions are made; applications of analytical techniques to financial management problems.
Mechanics of trading, behavior of security prices, corporate stocks and bonds, mutual funds, individual asset and portfolio selection techniques, and performance evaluation.
Valuation of fixed income securities, including pricing conventions, term structure of interest rates, default, duration, and hedging of interest rate risk. Analysis of active and passive investment strategies for managing fixed income portfolios. 
The pricing and use of derivative market instruments.
Introduction to Finance
Corporate Finance
Financial Management
Financial Analysis
Investment Analysis
International Finance
Money & Banking
From the introductory to the advanced level- I simplify the complex subject matter to make it easy to understand.K-12, undergraduate and graduate level.


I have an MBA in finance and more than 10 years of experience in Capital Markets & Banking, as an Investment Analyst. I have conducted financial analysis of companies across most industry sectors, and I have tutored clients through their Executive MBA programs resulting in a 3.96 G.P.A. I specialize in taking the most complex subject matter and simplifying it, as well as, relating it to real world examples. 
I can provide tutoring in such business subjects as: accounting, business, financial management, financial analysis, economics, management, marketing, social media training, investments, sales training, technology, marketing, and investment analysis.
I have over four years in toastmasters, which is an incredible organization for improving your communication skills. I attended Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, where I received a M.B.A in banking and finance. I attended State University at Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY, where I received a B.S. in business. 
My approach is to create a collaborative, non-judgmental learning environment, and my goal is to help you internalize the "learning" so that you own the material, and not just know the subject matter. I invite you to contact me, so that I can learn about what weaknesses or challenges you are facing, and together we can develop tools and strategies around these areas of improvement.
I have been studying martial arts for over 15 years, read a book a week, and am technology savvy.


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Do you have WEEK 3 Discussion Questions, review of Chapters 1-6 Patricia Goodson; Chapters 1-5 Schwartz, Landrum & Gruung (2014), Also, WK3 Electronic Reserve Reading Discussion question responses. Please response today. Thanks Sarah Robinson


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An annotated bibliography is a reference list in which each entry is followed by an annotation or description of the source. Dissertation writers must provide extensive sources from the literature in their initial research proposal. Begin preparing now by learning the critical skills needed for future success. Scanning, summarizing, and recording the key points in an article, as required for an annotated bibliography, is a critical skill for all doctoral learners to ensure success. Create an annotated bibliography using research on a topic you might like to investigate for your doctoral dissertation. Some examples of potential research topics include: "Female Leadership in the Aerospace Industry" or "Multiple Intelligences in Elementary Students." Your annotated bibliography should include one article from each of the databases below. For this assignment, you must: Follow the formatting as outlined in the Annotated Bibliography Formatting Sample provided. Note. You may lose poin


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Paper received late and content was shallow with inaccurate information and limited citations.


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"Helping a Client Make Linux Decisions" Please respond to the following: Planning is one of the most important aspects of any project. You work as a Linux consultant and have been asked to recommend a Linux distribution for a 1 terabyte server. Because you were given limited information, identify at least 3 questions that you would ask the client and explain why these questions are the most important. You also find out that the client wants a secure file system. Using the Internet, provide a web resource that outlines the different Linux file systems that could help the client make a decision.


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Week 1 - Campus Mentor Planning Meeting Reflection (W1LO2, W1LO3, W1LO4, CO1)

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