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750 words - 1000 words.

Instructions attached.\

The final paper on ethics issues is a 750 word research paper on Health and safety in the workplace, working conditions. Please use the APA format and cite at least two (2) sources. I have guidelines on using the APA format and citing sources below.

Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):

* Topic is an Ethics-Related Global Workplace Issue
* Use 10 or 12 pt Arial or Times New Romans Font
* Double-space
* Minimum of 750 words. No more than 1,000 words
* Minimum of two (2) cited sources
* Use APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material (See below)
* Make sure your name is on the Paper
* Paper should contain an Introduction, a Body, and a Conclusion

Suggested Outline

  • Name on top right corner of page
  • Title centered 4 spaces under name
  • Introduction – 1st paragraph

A.  Define ethical issue.

B.  Give background or history of ethical issue.

C.  List the main points you are going to discuss in the body of the paper.  Make sure to have at least 3.  You need one paragraph in the body for each point you mention in this part of the introduction.

D.  State thesis: purpose of paper.  This is the last sentence of your introduction.  (Ex:  In many third world countries, children are forced into slave labor where they suffer from exploitation, poor working conditions, and harsh discipline.)

  • Body – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs

A.  The 2nd paragraph of your paper (or 1st paragraph of the body should discuss the first point you listed in the introduction.

B.  The next paragraph of your paper should discuss the 2nd point you listed.

C.  Continue in this pattern until you have addressed the points you listed.

  • Conclusion – Last paragraph

            A.  Restate your thesis or the purpose of your paper

            B.  Write about why this is important

            C.  Mention future research professionals are conducting regarding this disorder

            D.  Remember to make the conclusion similar in length to the other paragraphs.

                 Many students write a one or two sentence conclusion.  Do not do that.

Below, please find APA Guidelines and Tips.

What is a parenthetical citation right after the material you cited?

It is when you place the source in parenthesis ( ) right after the sentence you cited instead of waiting until the end of the paper.
It helps the reader to know exactly what sentences and paragraphs are taken from particular sources.

Example:Place the author's name and the source's date of publication in parentheses immediately after the end of the cited material.

*An employer is one who employs or uses others to do his or her work, or to work (Bennet-Alexander, Hartman, p. 11)

* Families with no telephone service have difficulty accessing social services for which they are qualified (Benton Foundation, 1998, chap. 2, "Societal Priorities").


  • Use spell and grammar check
  • Make sure you indented paragraphs (5 spaces in)
  • Balance – Each paragraph should be similar in length

Citing Sources:

the Bibliographic Material
Bibliographic listings of electronic sources follow the format for whatever style you are using for print sources, i.e., humanities styles, such as MLA or Chicago, or scientific styles, such as APA or CBE. The APA formats for citing electronic sources is:

Author's Last Name, Initial(s). (Date of document). Title of document. Title of complete work [if applicable]. (Edition or revision [if applicable]). Protocol and address, or name of database and database publisher (Access path or directories or document or file number). (Date of access).

Web Page

To cite an individual Web page, give the author’s name, the date of publication or last modification, enclosed in parentheses and followed by a period, and the title of the page, capitalizing only the first word, any proper nouns, and the first word after a colon in the title, if applicable. Give the complete URL, including the protocol (e.g., “http”), and the date of access enclosed in parentheses and followed by a period.

Cressia, L. L. (1997). Copyright and fair use: Future of fair use. (27 Mar. 2006).

Web Site

Begin with the name of the author, moderator, or other responsible person or organization, if available, followed by the date of publication, the title of the site, the URL, and the date of access.

American Chemical Society. (2006). (24 Mar. 2006).

Article in Online Journal

List the author’s last name and initial(s), the year of publication, and the title of the article, capitalizing only the first word and all proper nouns. Next, list the title of the journal, in italics, followed by a comma and the volume number, also in italics. Give the issue number in parentheses in roman type, followed by a colon and the page numbers, if applicable. Finally, provide the online publication information, including the URL and the date of access. When the article can be located from the publication information (e.g., the author, title, and publication date) from the main page of the online journal, then cite the URL for the main page of the journal.

Trupe, A.L. (2002). Academic literacy in a wired world: Redefining genres for college writing courses. Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy, 7(2). (7 June 2006).

Graphics, Audio, or Video Files

To cite a graphic, audio, or video file in the context of the page on which it is published, provide information about the file as well as about the page or site on which it resides. Notice that titles of works of art, motion pictures, and records or CDs are italicized; titles of other graphics, brief video files, and individual song titles are not. You may include a description of the file type in square brackets immediately following the title, if desired.

CBS News. (2006, January 16). MLK Jr.’s legacy [Video]. CBS Evening News. (Keyword: Videos/MLK) (24 Mar. 2006).

For files without titles, use the file name instead.

press-image4.jpg [Graphic]. (27 Mar. 2006).

Article from Library Database

Cite the article as you would the same article in a print publication, listing the author’s name; the date of publication; the title of the article; the title of the journal or other publication in which it appears; and any other publication information. Follow with the title of the database or information service in italics, the name of the publisher or retrieval service or the Internet protocol and address as applicable, and, in parentheses, the date of access. Include any document or file numbers if available.

Burman, S., & Allen-Meares, P. (1994). Neglected victims of murder: Children’s witness to parental homicide. Social Work, 39(1), 28-34. Academic Search Premier. EbscoHost. (AN #9403302574). (25 July 2006).

Blogs and Wikis

Include the name or alias of the author, the date of posting, the title or subject line of the posting (if available), the title of the site, the URL, and the date of access.

Bartow, A. (2006, March 26). Parody is fair use! (30 Mar. 2006).

A Few Other Helpful Websites on Citing Sources 

Online Writing Lab at Purdue University:

APA Online – Electronic Resources:

The Writer’s Workshop:




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