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Directions: Assume, unless otherwise specified, that all numbers have at least 3 significant figures.  A pendulum is constructed by attaching a non-uniform disk of mass M and radius R to a uniform stick of mass 4M and length 3R (see sketch). The surface density of the disk is given by ï³ = a r2,

where r is the distance from the diskâs center and a is a constant that can be determined and

written in terms of M and R. The other end of the stick is attached to a frictionless pivot. With the pendulum held in a horizontal position, it is released from rest. When the pendulum makes an angle of 30ï° with the vertical, findâ¦

A. The angular acceleration of the pendulum. B.  The tangential speed of the center of mass. C. The force (magnitude and direction) exerted by the pivot on the pendulum.



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file 1494218259-Solutions file.docx preview (56 words )
S-----------olu-----------tio-----------ns -----------fil-----------e -----------Hel-----------lo -----------Sir-----------/Ma-----------dam----------- T-----------han-----------k y-----------ou -----------for----------- yo-----------ur -----------int-----------ere-----------st -----------and----------- bu-----------yin-----------g m-----------y p-----------ost-----------ed -----------sol-----------uti-----------on.----------- Pl-----------eas-----------e p-----------ing----------- me----------- on----------- ch-----------at -----------I a-----------m o-----------nli-----------ne -----------or -----------inb-----------ox -----------me -----------a m-----------ess-----------age----------- I -----------wil-----------l b-----------e q-----------uic-----------kly----------- on-----------lin-----------e a-----------nd -----------giv-----------e y-----------ou -----------exa-----------ct -----------fil-----------e a-----------nd -----------the----------- sa-----------me -----------fil-----------e i-----------s a-----------lso----------- se-----------nt -----------to -----------you-----------r e-----------mai-----------l t-----------hat----------- is----------- re-----------gis-----------ter-----------ed -----------on-----------th-----------is -----------web-----------sit-----------e. ----------- H-----------YPE-----------RLI-----------NK -----------&qu-----------ot;-----------htt-----------p:/-----------/; -----------\t -----------&qu-----------ot;-----------_bl-----------ank-----------&qu-----------ot;----------- -----------Tha-----------nk -----------you----------- -----------
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