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The Pythagorean Theorem

In order to receive full credit, all work must be completed correctly although partial credit is available.  The number in the parentheses at the end of each question is the total point value for each question.  This discussion is worth a total of 50 points.


The Pythagorean Theorem is one of the most widely used formulas in drafting, surveying, navigation, engineering, carpentry, trigonometry, and geometry just to name a few.

Click here to view the video. 

Scenario: Cathleen and Bob were driving together to the beach when their car broke down.  Each one was certain of the location of the location of the closest gas station.  Bob turned right and walked east for 6 miles while Cathleen walked straight ahead north for 4 miles.  How far apart was Cathleen and Bob's new location?

a. Whenever you are solving a word problem, it is important to start with a diagram labeled properly.  Make an accurate drawing in word or some other program and save it as a jpg.  Then insert it into the discussion board using the image icon.  Use x for the missing variable.  (20)

b. Make sure to show your answer in simplified radical form.  (30)


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file 1492737582-Solutions file 2.docx preview (51 words )
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