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Can anyone edit this for me adding to it using the guidelines

Philosophy of Education 2015 Guidelines.docx

My Philosophy of Education.docx

I believe that every child no matter what race or ethnicity is special and has the ability to bring something extraordinary to society.  I believe that children are the future and it is my duty as an instructor to ensure that they are able to develop to their fullest potential.

The purpose of education is to provide knowledge and empowerment so students will be able to do things for themselves.  The purpose of education is to build mental, physical and social development among students and to establish a life-long process of growth.

The students are responsible for studying and focusing on course studies to become well educated.  The students are responsible for asking questions to statements or assignments to which they do not understand. The students are also responsible for following all classroom rules and being respectful at all times.

My role as an educator is to first and foremost be able to assess myself before I can my students.  I must facilitate and assist my students in learning and be willing to answer questions and help students who do not understand the designated course material.   I am responsible for establishing great classroom management and being consistent in my instruction to my students.  I am responsible for making sure that all of my students are fully accommodated in each and every lesson plan that I instruct.  I am responsible for establishing a safe, caring, and respectable environment for my students. I am responsible for being able to recognize which of my students have physical, mental, and emotional development issues and be able to fully accommodate them throughout my teaching.  It is my duty as an educator to assure that the needs of my students are met and that they feel they are capable and successful.  It is also my goal as an educator to establish relationships with the parents of my students and keep them involved throughout their child’s educational career.

My role as teacher in the community is to inform parents of the importance of education for my students.  I must also be an advocate who speaks on the behalf of my students and be a role-model or mentor for them.

Children learn in many different ways.  Some are auditory learners, which mean they think in voices or sounds or they prefer verbal instructions.  Other students may be visual learners, which mean they seek out descriptions and pictures and diagrams. Some students are even hands on learners, which mean they try and do things mainly on their own and try different approaches until they understand.

The purpose of me teaching my students is so they will be able to flourish as they grow older and prosper in their various careers. The purpose of me teaching my students is so that they will be able to take their knowledge and inspire, motivate, and teach someone else what they have learned.



I need this to be complete by 12 noon Central Standard Time on October 5th, 2015.

Assignment Guidelines – Philosophy of Education




Title: Philosophy of Education

            written in the early coursework of your studies in ECE

(this assignment will be submitted to you LiveText EC Portfolio)



Ø  Double spaced; 1 inch margins

Ø  12 size, Times New Roman font

Ø  Word document

Requirements: at least three well-developed paragraphs with 8 to 10 sentences in each paragraph



Using your experience as a student develop your thoughts/content in at least three well-developed paragraphs with 8 to 10 sentences in each paragraph.  Think about including a summary and conclusion paragraph in addition to your 3 body paragraphs. 


Some thoughts and content to consider as you write include the following:

What are your beliefs about how students learn? Are all students of the same age or in the same grade level alike in how they approach and respond to learning opportunities? What factors may cause students to learn differently? If the students in your class learn differently, what is your responsibility as their teacher and how will your teaching be affected? What are your beliefs about how you will teach? How do you comprehend and intend to implement developmentally appropriate instructional strategies, guidance and class management? How will you collaborate with parents and community resources? What are the characteristics of an excellent teacher? In the community of learners you create in your classroom, how will your approach to teaching/learning reflect your commitment to meeting the needs of your diverse student population?


Use university level academic language reflective of the field of teacher education, and proofread your work for both content clarity and writing skill accuracy before submitting.


Grading Criteria:

ü  meet the requirements, at minimum

ü  address a variety of questions/topics

ü  thoroughly respond to the questions/topics, using personal examples and application to real world

ü  writing style – flow, organization, grammar, mechanics




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