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educational and schooling accomplishments

his class has to due with Human Resource Management as well, Please let me know if you have any questions on the project because this is for my final grade and I want an A on this paper. Thank you!


Hello I need the following project completed for my HN360 The Aging Population and Society Class, below are the instructions.



You will write your own biography as if you have lived to be 100

Addresses each of the following areas:

•          educational and schooling accomplishments

•          professional agencies, jobs and careers held

•          populations helped or served

•          what you will be remembered for

•          how you lived in your senior years

•          what kept you healthy until 100 years old

•          how long you worked

•          where you were when you passed away

•          how active you were in your senior years

Discuss and explain developmental theories that are relevant to your own personal narrative and development (example of theories: generatively vs. stagnation; integrity vs. despair; biological theories of aging)

•         You must use at least three sources from peer-reviewed journals from the Academic Search Premier database in the Kaplan Library to cite research

Include a summary of the environmental influence on your behavior and your expected lifespan, supported by research.

       Your final project should include a cover page, introductory paragraph, citations, concluding     paragraph, and a reference page

       The body of the work should be 4–6 double-spaced pages (a total of 5–7 pages including the cover page and reference page) PLAGIARISM WILL RESULT IN A ZERO GRADE

For the final project you are asked to reference three articles from scholarly journals. Here are some tips on finding those articles that are pertinent to the final project:

-Click on the "Library" link from the KU campus homepage

           -Once you are at the library website, click the menu item that says "find articles, eBooks, and more" and then click “find articles and reports”.

            -Click “Login with KU Campus” underneath the "Academic Search Premier" heading

           -This will bring up a search screen. You can do a broad search here with keywords such as longevity, centenarian, healthy aging, successful aging, etc. If you want to limit your search to certain variables you can click on “Advanced Search"

           -In the Advanced Search box I would recommend clicking the check box next to “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals”.  Also a good journal to use is the journal, “Generations” by the American Society on Aging. If you want to search for articles in that journal only you could type in “Generations” in the “Publication” field and search that way. 


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