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Category > HR Management Posted 26 Sep 2017 My Price 6.00

"How HR can facilitate ethics"

The April 2005 HR Focus article titled "How HR can facilitate ethics" provides interesting insights on the important roles that HR professionals play in the process of developing, updating, communicating, training about, and enforcing ethics programs.


3 of the roles that HR is expected to play in the HR arena are:


  • Determine employees' trust and loyalty.
  • Provide consistent and credible information about the organization.
  • Assess perceptions about corporate leadership.

HR professionals may also be asked to participate in drafting, modifying, communicating, and enforcing their organization's code of ethics. In some organizations, the Legal department is heavily involved in drafting this communication as well as monitoring ethics training. 


What else stands out to you from this particular article?


Status NEW Posted 26 Sep 2017 06:09 AM My Price 6.00

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