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Category > HR Management Posted 27 Sep 2017 My Price 5.00

"How do applicants react to this assessment strategy?"

Many jobs use a variety of assessment methods (for example, The Wonderlic Test) in the selection process. One question that many organizations fail to ask is, "How do applicants react to this assessment strategy?" For example, organizations use personality tests with no seeming relationship to the job, paper-and-pencil honesty (integrity) tests, drug screenings, and many others.

Think about a job you have held (or one you have applied for) and describe two selection devices you think would be inappropriate for this job. Discuss why you feel this way about these selection devices and what you might have used in its place and why. 


2-3 paragraphs.  No plagiarism please.  Cite all sources


Status NEW Posted 27 Sep 2017 10:09 AM My Price 5.00

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