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Category > HR Management Posted 28 Sep 2017 My Price 7.00

Explain how HireRight’s integration with Oracle’s PeopleSoft

wk 2 I need help with the following question must be 250-300 words

Research a specific industry, for example, the early childhood education industry.

  • 1. Explain how HireRight’s integration with Oracle’s PeopleSoft may assist the process of hiring employees such as bus driver’s, janitors, or teachers.
  • 2. Discuss at least two critical success factors for effectively conducting an analysis of the HRIS needs for the industry you chose.


Respond to the initial discussion question no later than Wednesday. Your initial response should be a minimum of 250 words and be supported by at least one reference from the readings or outside source.


Status NEW Posted 28 Sep 2017 05:09 AM My Price 7.00

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