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Category > HR Management Posted 28 Sep 2017 My Price 5.00

A person-centered counselor's role would best be described

1) A person-centered counselor's role would best be described as a

a. coach.

b. facilitator.

c. friend

d. Expert


2)_____________ is the most common personal consequence of working as a counselor.

a. Burnout
b. Vicarious Rebellion
c. Emotional Hurt
d. Emotional Distress

3)These persons are educated to provide assistance on both preventive and remedial level
Select one:
a. Non-Professional Helpers
b. Professional Helpers
c. Generalist Human Services Worker
d. a)      All of the Above

4) Psychotherapy emphasises all of the following except:
a. The therapist's role as an expert
b. The present and the past issues
c. The detachment of the therapist
d. Insight more than change

5)___________ frequently involves looking at early childhood experiences in order to discover how these events might have shaped the individual and how they contribute to current actions.
a. Rational Emotive Therapy
b. Psychoanalysis
c. Reality therapy
d. Transactional analysis


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