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Category > HR Management Posted 28 Sep 2017 My Price 6.00

Each answer should be about 80-100 words.

 Each answer should be about 80-100 words.


1. Does participation really matter in a training session? Do you think adult learners can really retain learning if they participate or not?

2. What role and function does motivation play in a training session? Considering previous training courses and programs, can you think of any ways in which a trainer or instructor was able to weave in some degree of motivation that “made” you want to participate?


3. Why is needs assessment so often not performed in many organizations?


4. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of designing a training (HRD) program in-house versus purchasing a pre-packaged program from an external vendor.


Status NEW Posted 28 Sep 2017 07:09 AM My Price 6.00

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