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Category > Math Posted 22 Apr 2017 My Price 8.00

A high-speed passenger train

Need help with these questions. Attachment below. 

Consider each scenario.



Consider each scenario:
a. A high-speed passenger train in Europe completes an 800 km trip in 3 hours. The
train travels the first 600 km at an average speed that was 100 km/h faster than the
last 200 km of the trip. If x represents the average speed of the train on the second
part of the trip, then an equation to represent this situation is:
200 3
x 100
Identify all restrictions on the variable x in this context. b. Kailey is making earrings to sell at a local market. She spends $80 on supplies and
decides to keep 4 pairs of earrings to give to her friends. Kailey sells the rest of the
earrings she made for $175, making a profit of $9 per pair of earrings.
If n represents the number of pairs of earrings Kailey made, then an equation that
represents this information is:
175 80
9 n4 n
Identify all restrictions on the variable n in this context.



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