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  • Regional Manager
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Category > Business & Finance Posted 17 May 2017 My Price 7.00

Security Returns If State Occurs

    Security Returns If State Occurs
  State of Probability of  
  Economy State of Economy Roll     Ross     
  Bust .40 Acˆ’10 % 21 %
  Boom .60 28   8  


Calculate the volatility of a portfolio of 35 percent Roll and 65 percent Ross by filling in the following table: (Round your standard deviation answer to 2 decimal places. Round your intermediate calculations and other answers to 4 decimal places. Omit the "%" sign in your response.)

Calculating Portfolio Variance
   State of
Probability of
State of Economy
Portfolio Return If
State Occurs
Squared Deviation from Expected Return Product
    Bust .40                           
    Boom .60                           
      A?A?p2 =       
      A?A? =


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Status NEW Posted 17 May 2017 08:05 AM My Price 7.00

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