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Category > Computer Science Posted 01 Nov 2017 My Price 10.00

Programmatic access to a MySQL database to add and display records

this is my W6 lab, I need this to be done with NetBeans please. thank you in advance.

CIS355AWeek 6 Lab—Database Connectivity



·         Programmatic access to a MySQL database to add and display records



PROBLEM:  Student Management System

A teacher needs the ability to store and retrieve student data. This includes

·         student name;

·         three test scores;

·         average; and

·         letter grade.



You can code the GUI by hand or use NetBeans GUI builder interface.

Create a GUI which allows for input and display of student data.

It should include buttons to save a record, display all records.


Create a database and table to store student name andthree test scores. (Note that average and grade are calculated by app.)


Student class

Create a Student class to manage the student data. It should have private instance variables of

·         student name; and

·         three test scores.

The class must have the following methods.

·         A default and parameterized constructor

·         Sets/gets for all instance variables

·         A get method to calculate and return the average

·         A get method to calculate and return the letter grade

·         toString to display the name of the student


StudentDB class

Create a StudentDB class that is used to create a connection and interface with the database.


This class should have two methods.

·         getAll—reads data from database, returns data in an arraylist of student objects

·         add—writes a record to the database


GUI class


Insert button will take the info from the GUI (student name and three test scores) and insert a record into the table.  Input should be cleared from the textboxes.


Display buttonwill read the data from the database and creates a report in Console window, sample format below.


Name                   Test1     Test2     Test3       Avg       Grade

Bruce Wayne         90         95         98           94.3      A

Clark Kent             65         70         90           75.0      C


Sample GUI








Student class

·         Has all required functionality


GUI class

·         Student record can be saved

·         All student data can be displayed


StudentDB class

·         add method inserts a record into db.

·         get method reads all records and returns in arraylist.


Code style


Lab Report








·         Include meaningful comments throughout your code.

·         Use meaningful names for variables.

·         Code must be properly indented.

·         Include a comment header at beginning of each file, example below.

Program Name: 
Programmer's Name: Student Name 
Program Description: Describe here what this program will do 



Submit as a SINGLE zip folder

·         all java files; and

·         theLab report.


Follow assignment specification regarding class/method names.

Note that your Java filename must match class name (DO NOT rename).




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