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Category > Physics Posted 08 Nov 2017 My Price 11.00

a general search query

1. Please use Google Patents to learn more about one of your favorite things. Go to Google, type in Patents, and it will direct you to the Google Patents search engine. Type in a general search query for one of your favorite things….an electric toothbrush, a lawn mower, noise cancelling headphones, cochlear implants, sports equipment, virtual reality glasses, surgical tools……anything.

2. Please print out ONLY the first page of the PDF and the page with the best/most useful image or images.

NOW answer the following:

3. Please write out a brief explanation of the invention or proposed invention.

4. Inventor and/or Assignee name (who owns the patent or patent application):

5. The publication date of the document.

6. How many claims are included to describe this invention? (These are numbered in the document and are the legal/technical description of the device.

7. What is the figure number with the most interesting or informative figure? Explain why you chose this one.

8. Demonstrate very specifically how a portion of this invention displays or is subject to one of the physics concepts we will cover this term. This can include you drawing on the image to demonstrate your thoughts or writing out this information in a paragraph. (This should be very descriptive and detailed).

9. Think of one way to improve this device (be specific). Please write a few sentences or draw your ideas.

10. There should be NO duplicates. This must be your original work. International patents are just fine as long as you get the translation for me.


Status NEW Posted 08 Nov 2017 02:11 PM My Price 11.00

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