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Category > Statistics Posted 10 Nov 2017 My Price 14.00

experimental probability of a compound event


Product of the simple events is the probability of a compound event.

Occurrence of more than one event simultaneously or one after another is called a compound event. In such cases we have to find the probability of simple events. The Product of such simple events is called the probability of a compound event.

For example we shall conduct a random experiment of tossing a single coin twice. To find the probability of head on the first toss and tail on the second toss, we have to calculate

P(h) on the first toss [This is a simple event]

We have to calculate the probability of tail on the second toss

P(t) on the second toss.[Again this is a probability of a simple event]

[Head on the first toss and tail on the second toss is a compound event] hence,

P(h) ##xx##P(t) is the probability of the required event.


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