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Category > Programming Posted 19 May 2017 My Price 9.00

Travel Expenses

          Travel Expenses

Create a visual basic application that calculates and displays the total travel expenses for a business trip. The user must provide the following information:

•             Number of days on the trip

•             Amount of airfare, if any

 •            Amount paid for meals, if any

•             Amount of car rental fees, if any

•             Number of miles driven, if a private vehicle was used

 •            Amount of parking fees, if any

•             Amount of taxi charges, if any

•             Conference or seminar registration fees, if any

•             Lodging charges, per night


The company reimburses travel expenses according to the following policy:

•             $37 per day for meals

•             Parking fees, up to $10.00 per day

•             Taxi charges up to $20.00 per day

•             Lodging charges up to $95.00 per day

•             If a private vehicle is used, $0.27 per mile driven

The application should calculate and display the following:

•             Total expenses incurred by the business person

•             The total allowable expenses for the trip

•             The excess that must be paid by the business person, if any

•             The amount saved by the business person if the expenses were under the total allowed


The application should have the following functions:

CalcMeals - Calculates and returns the amount reimbursed for meals.

CalcMileage- Calculates and returns the amount reimbursed for mileage driven in a private vehicle

CalcParkingFees - Calculates and returns the amount reimbursed for parking fees.

CalcTaxiFees - Calculates and returns the amount reimbursed for taxi charges.

CalcLodging - Calculates and returns the amount reimbursed for lodging.

CalcTotalReimbursement - Calculates and returns the total amount reimbursed.

CalcUnallowed- Calculates and returns the total amount of expenses that are not allowable, if any. These are parking fees that exceed $10.00 per day, taxi charges that exceed $20.00 per day, and lodging charges that exceed $95.00 per day.

CalcSaved- Calculates and returns the total amount of expenses under the allowable amount, if any. For example, the allowable amount for lodging is $95.00 per day. If a business person stayed in a hotel for $85.00 per day for five days, the savings would be $50.00.


Input validation: Do not accept negative numbers for any dollar amount or for miles driven in a private vehicle. Do not accept numbers less than 1 for the number of days.


Days = 2

Vehicle Miles = 10 

Airfare = 700

Car Rental = 100

Park = 100

Taxi = 10

Registration = 100

Lodging per night = 100



The calculated output should be:


Expenses = $1310.00

Reimburment = $206.70

Exceeds (unallowed) = $106.00

Savings = $120.00


Status NEW Posted 19 May 2017 05:05 AM My Price 9.00


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