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BUS 5113 Week 4 Written Assignment Unit 4

Submit a written paper which is at least two pages in length, exclusive of the reference page, double-spaced in Times New Roman font (or its equivalent) which is no greater than 12 points in size. The paper should cite at least 2 sources, using APA format, independent of the textbook.

In our reading assignment this week, Individual Differences in Person Perception, we learn about how our individual perceptions influence the way we see the world and each other. In fact, our text states, “To every experience, each of us brings our own schemas, attitudes, and expectations. In fact, the process of interpretation guarantees that we will not all form exactly the same impression of the people that we see. This, of course, reflects a basic principle that we have discussed throughout this book—our prior experiences color our current perceptions.”

Think of a time when your own expectations influenced your attributions about another person. What type of expectations did you have and what type of attributions did you end up making? In hindsight, how accurate do you think that these attributions were?

Papers will be assessed using a rubric -- please review it in the Learning Guide.


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