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1)A shooting star forms a right triangle with the Earth and the Sun, as shown below:

1)A shooting star forms a right triangle with the Earth and the Sun, as shown below:




A scientist measures the angle x and the distance y between the Earth and the Sun. Using complete sentences, explain how the scientist can use only these two measurements to calculate the distance between the Earth and the shooting star.



2)As shown below, an observer (O) is located 500 feet from a school (S). The observer notices a bird (B) flying at a 39° angle of elevation from his line of sight. What equation and trigonometric function can be used to solve for the height (h) of the bird? What is the height of the bird? You must show all work and calculations to receive full credit.








3)A point A is graphed at (0, 5). Complete the coordinates of a shape that can be rotated about the y-axis to createe a cone. Provide an explanation for your answer to receive full credit.


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