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Describe the technology analysis strategy

Part 1

In applying the systems approach to problem solving, it is important to identify resources in the system and elements in the environment. It is also important to understand how information flows through the system, what resources use data, and what effect they have on data. Please respond to all of the following prompts:

·        Describe the technology analysis strategy and how it contributes to the analysis phase. 

·        Describe the activity elimination strategy and how it contributes to the analysis phase.


Part 2

When problems arise, supervisors should take the time to learn about them. Go through the decision making process, and make an appropriate recommendation.

Please respond to all of the following prompts:

·        Create your own definition of the decision making process. Why should supervisors write problem statements when defining the problem? What pitfalls should supervisors avoid at each step of the process?

·        What factors should a supervisor consider when developing and evaluating alternatives in the decision-making process? To what degree should the ethical tests come into play?



there is no requirements, no word count, no length. all I ask is accuracy and in your own words. if you use another source just reference it properly


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