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"The Death Penalty is Too Costly for Society."

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The first sentence of your summary should include the name of the author of the article, the title of the article and the overall sentiment of the article.  The summary should paraphrase the author’s main purpose and/or opinion. Next, the summary should identify the author’s assertion and research used to support his/her opinion. Be sure to wrap up your summary with a final point that links back to the opening line of the summary. (two to three paragraphs)


Dieter (2015), strongly believes that capital punishment, there’s a fair trial process without discretion based on "The Death Penalty is Too Costly for Society." Dieter (2015), furthermore discusses how there are those who are innocent, but due to the lack of good legal representation they end up suffering and being executed. The affect then makes family members that depend on him or her suffer economically and psychologically (Dieter, 2015). The author then explains that most states use sentencing and executions, which have taken more time, but mostly money by increasing in the death penalty. As a whole, this makes the nation look poorly and less intelligent on balancing money.


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