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MGT 2210 Final Exam MGT2210 Final Exam

  1. Brose and FastFit are two very different organizations but both rely on information technology to enable business processes.   What are the mission, goals, and representative strategies for these two organizations and how are they IT-enabled? Lastly suggest an IT-enabled innovation that would give each of them competitive advantage.   
  2. As a financial services institution, Southwest Bank is a target for cyber criminals. What actions should the management team take to address this risks? How will each action improve the Bank’s information security? What information technology investments are required as a consequence of this choice?   
  3. In a global economy, many organizations will maintain a core staff to address the operational and managerial needs of the enterprise while turning to external resources to staff special projects or to outsource non-strategic corporate functions. For each of the scenarios below, the sourcing option (i.e. insourcingpartnering, or outsourcing) is identified. What will be the most important project management steps to successfully deliver a positive outcome in the efforts described in the column one?  
  4. Zappos is an extensive user of ERP systems to enable its business processes and to coordinate activities among its many offices, healthcare facilities and research centers. How would Partners use ERP systems to transact, manage and innovate, and what benefits does the ERP provide in each instance?  
  5. Brose employs Web sites to reach the public (a corporate site), communicate to employees (an Intranet site) and to collaborate in projects with sub-contractors and clients (an Extranet site).  In the table below, identify those information technology elements (hardware and software) that are common to all three Web sites and those that are unique to each Web site.   
  6. How might FastFit and Target employ decision support systems (DSS) and knowledge management systems (KMS) for competitive advantage? Be company-specific in your use of language!   
  7. Capital One and The State Employees Retirement Fund are very different organizations. Employing, the MIS Integrative Learning Framework below, compare and contrast these two organizations.  Remember to alignall facets of your comments concerning each of these enterprises!   


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