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PAD 520 Week 9

·         Assume you are a candidate for a director of communications for a major metropolitan county. The job will require you to communicate to the public about public policy regarding transportation, environmental issues, education, taxes, as well as economic development. Explain at least three reasons and ways written and oral communication are important, and should be used to ensure public policy analyses are promoted and accepted by the general public.

·         Use the same scenario to explain at least two ways you would ensure public policy analyses are read and accepted by key stakeholders. Provide two reasons and an example to support your response

·         Explain at least two key factors policy makers use when evaluating and using information provided to them in policy reports. Explain why it is important for an analyst to know how policy makers evaluate and use information.  

·         From the case study, Case 9:1, highlight two key components a structured written narrative for a policy issue paper or policy memo. Then propose at least two benefits of developing a policy argument in this way. Provide an example to support your response.





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