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VHS PD Ballistic Lab 97865 Virtual lane

VHS Police Department 97865 Virtual Lane Fallhedge, CA Report # 56987 Date of Incident: June 21 Reporting Officer: H. Sine, Crime Scene Investigator Incident On June 21 at the location of 360 Trigonometric Apartments, a victim shot by the suspect at 7:13pm from the window of the building. The building is a high rise apartment building with ten floors. There were residents home from the 5 th , 6 th, and 7 th floors from a unit facing the road where the victim was shot. There is 3.048m between each apartment floor. All suspects have pleaded not guilty and claims to not have any relations with the victim. At the time of the crime the victim was walking their dog. Witness Statement Witness: C. Tan C. Tan (W) was 10m away from the victim (V) when the shot was fired. Both the victim and the witness were an equal distance from the door (G) of the apartment building when the crime occurred. (See figure 1) “I heard a loud bang from the apartment building. When I looked up I saw a person running from a window. The victim was not far from where I was standing when the incident occurred. I immediately called the VHS Police Department emergency line for help.” Crime Scene Sketch


VHS PD Ballistics Lab 97865 Virtual Lane Fallhedge, CA Report # 56987 Report Completed by: T. Cos Attention: MHF4U Student In accordance with your instructions we have completed a ballistic report at the Ballistics Lab with regards to the incident at 360 Trigonometric Apartments on the date of June 21. Testing was conducted in accordance to HP607 standards using caliber 9x19mm rifle using a .308mm bullet which is consistent with what was found on the crime scene. Table I presents a summary of the results: Table 1 Summary of Results Number Weight (lbs.) Caliber Entry Angle Shots Penetration VHSPDBL-12 20.8 9x19mm 5 12    1 1 Based on the evidence in Table 1, the test sample confirms that the victim was shot in the chest, with an entry angle of 5 12    radians. This report is based on the testing conducted at the Ballistics Lab with the information provided from the crime scene. The test sample is being discarded.



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