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PSY 105 Week 7 Assignment CASE STUDY Gloria

Introduction to Psychology

Given what you have learned in Chapter 3 about brain development and social development, explain why Gloria’s son is making poor decisions. (Use page 3.4 for brain development and page 3.6 for social development).

What specific strategies can Gloria use to help her son make better decisions? (Hint: pages 3.7 and 3.17 have resources to help)
From what you have learned about human development and self-regulation, why do you think these strategies will be effective?

(Hint – based on what you offered as a suggestion in question 2, why would that strategy help Gloria’s son) 

How does Reggie’s mindset affect the way that he prepares for the compliance test? (Hint: page 7.6 will help you learn about mindset)

Use brain plasticity (neuroplasticity) to explain how Reggie can start to develop a growth mindset. What can Reggie do to actually change his brain so that he can adopt a growth mindset approach? (Hint: page 7.6 will be a great resource for this question)

Suggest at least three study strategies that Reggie can use to study for the compliance test. Based on what you have learned about memory in Chapter 4, explain why these would be effective study techniques.  (Hint: page 4.15 has suggestions to improve your memory)

What are the big five personality traits? When thinking about the big five personality traits, on which ones do Gloria and Lakeisha differ the most?  (Hint: page 3.12 helps you learn about the big five traits)

Give some advice to Gloria. How can she use emotional regulation to work more effectively with Lakeisha? Give at least two things that Gloria can do and provide a rationale for why these will be effective.  (Hint: Pages 6.4 and 6.11 have resources to help with this question) 


Myers, D. (2017). Psychology (4th ed.). Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning. Available from hMp://


Status NEW Posted 09 Jun 2019 07:06 PM My Price 7.00

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file 1560107823-PSY 105 Week 7 Assigment 1 Phychology .docx preview (802 words )
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