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IT 111 Unit 2 Discussion Topic 1, 2 and 3

IT 111 Unit 2 Discussion Topic 1

Topic 1: Scenes and Shots (10 points)

Read Section 2.1 on Scenes and Shots. In your own words, describe the difference between a scene and a shot. Think about designing an animated greeting card for a special occasion. Describe at least one scene, and discuss the different shots that might exist for that scene.

IT 111 Unit 2 Discussion Topic 2

Topic 2: What Do These Methods Do? (10 points)

Open Alice and create a new world. Place any person object in the world. Practice moving the person’s arm using move, turn, and roll methods. Describe the results for each of the methods.

IT 111 Unit 2 Discussion Topic 3

Topic 3: Lab Exercise (10 points)

1.      Complete Project 2.3 – an undersea world

2.      Complete Project 2.4 – a hopping animal

3.      Complete Project 2.9 – using the dog class

Write a 2–3 paragraph summary of what you learned in this lab exercise. If you completed the lab exercise, please post your a3p file from Alice as an attachment to this post.


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IT -----------111----------- Un-----------it -----------2 D-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion----------- To-----------pic----------- 1,----------- 2 -----------and----------- 3-----------


1562696880-Unit 2 Discussion topic
file 1562696897-IT 111 Unit 2 Discussion Topics.docx preview (867 words )
I-----------T 1-----------11 -----------Uni-----------t 2----------- Di-----------scu-----------ssi-----------on -----------Top-----------ic -----------1 -----------Top-----------ic -----------1: -----------Sce-----------nes----------- an-----------d S-----------hot-----------s (-----------10 -----------poi-----------nts-----------) -----------Rea-----------d S-----------ect-----------ion----------- 2.-----------1 o-----------n S-----------cen-----------es -----------and----------- Sh-----------ots-----------. I-----------n y-----------our----------- ow-----------n w-----------ord-----------s, -----------des-----------cri-----------be -----------the----------- di-----------ffe-----------ren-----------ce -----------bet-----------wee-----------n a----------- sc-----------ene----------- an-----------d a----------- sh-----------ot.----------- Th-----------ink----------- ab-----------out----------- de-----------sig-----------nin-----------g a-----------n a-----------nim-----------ate-----------d g-----------ree-----------tin-----------g c-----------ard----------- fo-----------r a----------- sp-----------eci-----------al -----------occ-----------asi-----------on.----------- De-----------scr-----------ibe----------- at----------- le-----------ast----------- on-----------e s-----------cen-----------e, -----------and----------- di-----------scu-----------ss -----------the----------- di-----------ffe-----------ren-----------t s-----------hot-----------s t-----------hat----------- mi-----------ght----------- ex-----------ist----------- fo-----------r t-----------hat----------- sc-----------ene-----------. -----------IT -----------111----------- Un-----------it -----------2 D-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion----------- To-----------pic----------- 2 ----------- To-----------pic----------- 2:----------- Wh-----------at -----------Do -----------The-----------se -----------Met-----------hod-----------s D-----------o? -----------(10----------- po-----------int-----------s)
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