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IT 111 Unit 3 Discussion Topic 1, 2 and 3

IT 111 Unit 3 Discussion Topic 1

Topic 1: Defining Parameter and Argument

In your own words, describe what a parameter is and why parameters are important in programming. Discuss the relationship between a parameter and an argument.

IT 111 Unit 3 Discussion Topic 2

Topic 2: Parameters in the Real World

Describe a daily task that you perform. If you were going to write a computer program for this task, what parameters might you want to create? What would the data type of each parameter be, based on the four data types available in Alice?

IT 111 Unit 3 Discussion Topic 3

Topic 3: Lab Exercise

Select one of the following Programming Projects from Chapter 3 and complete. The Labs are worth 10 points.

Programming Project 3.3 Walk in a Square

Programming Project 3.5 Bunny Hop

Write a 2–3 paragraph summary of what you learned in this lab exercise. If you completed the lab exercise, please post your a3p file from Alice as an attachment to this post.


Status NEW Posted 09 Jul 2019 06:07 PM My Price 7.00

IT -----------111----------- Un-----------it -----------3 D-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion----------- To-----------pic----------- 1,----------- 2 -----------and----------- 3-----------


1562697474-unit 3
file 1562697483-IT 111 Unit 3 Discussion Topics.docx preview (844 words )
I-----------T 1-----------11 -----------Uni-----------t 3----------- Di-----------scu-----------ssi-----------on -----------Top-----------ic -----------1 -----------Top-----------ic -----------1: -----------Def-----------ini-----------ng -----------Par-----------ame-----------ter----------- an-----------d A-----------rgu-----------men-----------t -----------In -----------you-----------r o-----------wn -----------wor-----------ds,----------- de-----------scr-----------ibe----------- wh-----------at -----------a p-----------ara-----------met-----------er -----------is -----------and----------- wh-----------y p-----------ara-----------met-----------ers----------- ar-----------e i-----------mpo-----------rta-----------nt -----------in -----------pro-----------gra-----------mmi-----------ng.----------- Di-----------scu-----------ss -----------the----------- re-----------lat-----------ion-----------shi-----------p b-----------etw-----------een----------- a -----------par-----------ame-----------ter----------- an-----------d a-----------n a-----------rgu-----------men-----------t. ----------- IT----------- 11-----------1 U-----------nit----------- 3 -----------Dis-----------cus-----------sio-----------n T-----------opi-----------c 2----------- T-----------opi-----------c 2-----------: P-----------ara-----------met-----------ers----------- in----------- th-----------e R-----------eal----------- Wo-----------rld----------- D-----------esc-----------rib-----------e a----------- da-----------ily----------- ta-----------sk -----------tha-----------t y-----------ou -----------per-----------for-----------m. -----------If -----------you----------- we-----------re -----------goi-----------ng -----------to -----------wri-----------te -----------a c-----------omp-----------ute-----------r p-----------rog-----------ram----------- fo-----------r t-----------his----------- ta-----------sk,----------- wh-----------at -----------par-----------ame-----------ter-----------s m-----------igh-----------t
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