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IT 111 Unit 8 Discussion Topic 1, 2 and 3

 IT 111 Unit 8 Discussion Topic 1

Topic 1: Inheritance

Discuss, in your own words, what you learned from watching the required video under readings. What is the implication to you, as a programmer, from being able to save an object with all of the methods that you have created for that object, to a class file? Discuss an object that you have created which you would want to save for future reuse. Discuss an idea for an animation you could reuse that object.

IT 111 Unit 8 Discussion Topic 2

Topic 2: Current Technology Event or Issue

Research on the Internet to find a current event or current issue in technology. Share your findings with your classmates. Be sure to provide a link to the source that you used.

IT 111 Unit 8 Discussion Topic 3

Topic 3: Lab Exercise

Complete any one Programming Project of your choice from the textbook.

Write a 2–3 paragraph summary of what you learned in this lab exercise. If you completed the lab exercise, please post your a3p file from Alice as an attachment to this post.


Status NEW Posted 09 Jul 2019 07:07 PM My Price 7.00

 -----------IT----------- 11-----------1 U-----------nit----------- 8 -----------Dis-----------cus-----------sio-----------n T-----------opi-----------c 1-----------, 2----------- an-----------d 3-----------


file 1562702054-IT 111 Unit 8 Discussion Topics.docx preview (915 words )
I-----------T 1-----------11 -----------Uni-----------t 8----------- Di-----------scu-----------ssi-----------on -----------Top-----------ic -----------1 -----------Top-----------ic -----------1: -----------Inh-----------eri-----------tan-----------ce ----------- Di-----------scu-----------ss,----------- in----------- yo-----------ur -----------own----------- wo-----------rds-----------, w-----------hat----------- yo-----------u l-----------ear-----------ned----------- fr-----------om -----------wat-----------chi-----------ng -----------the----------- re-----------qui-----------red----------- vi-----------deo----------- un-----------der----------- re-----------adi-----------ngs-----------. W-----------hat----------- is----------- th-----------e i-----------mpl-----------ica-----------tio-----------n t-----------o y-----------ou,----------- as----------- a -----------pro-----------gra-----------mme-----------r, -----------fro-----------m b-----------ein-----------g a-----------ble----------- to----------- sa-----------ve -----------an -----------obj-----------ect----------- wi-----------th -----------all----------- of----------- th-----------e m-----------eth-----------ods----------- th-----------at -----------you----------- ha-----------ve -----------cre-----------ate-----------d f-----------or -----------tha-----------t o-----------bje-----------ct,----------- to----------- a -----------cla-----------ss -----------fil-----------e? -----------Dis-----------cus-----------s a-----------n o-----------bje-----------ct -----------tha-----------t y-----------ou -----------hav-----------e c-----------rea-----------ted----------- wh-----------ich----------- yo-----------u w-----------oul-----------d w-----------ant----------- to----------- sa-----------ve -----------for----------- fu-----------tur-----------e r-----------eus-----------e. -----------Dis-----------cus-----------s a-----------n i-----------dea----------- fo-----------r a-----------n a-----------nim-----------ati-----------on
1562702065-Unit 8
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