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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 4 Quiz 12 Directive Leadership Style Definition & Concept - Quiz & Worksheet

1. When might a directive leadership style backfire on a manager?

  1. It will never backfire
  2. If the employees don't like the manager
  3. If the manager doesn't let the employees participate in developing the objectives
  4. If the employees are skilled and experienced at the task

2. Which of the following theorists were major contributors to path-goal theory?

  1. Henri Fayol and Luther Gulick
  2. Frederick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth
  3. Lillian and Frank Gilbreth
  4. Martin G. Evans and Robert J. House

3. Directive leadership is part of which of the following theories?

  1. Situational leadership theory
  2. Path-goal theory
  3. Administrative management theory
  4. Scientific management theory

4. Which of the following are two components of directive leadership

  1. Giving directions and providing psychological support
  2. Giving clear directions and encouraging worker participation regarding expectations
  3. Giving clear directions and setting clear objectives
  4. Delegating work tasks and providing support

5. Which one of the following is not one of the leadership styles described in path-goal theory?

  1. Supportive
  2. Participatory
  3. Educational
  4. Directive


Status NEW Posted 29 Jul 2023 06:07 AM My Price 5.00

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