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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 4 Quiz 15 Expert Power in Leadership Definition & Examples - Quiz & Worksheet

1. What is expert power?

  1. Expert power is power based upon the perception that any member of an organization has a high level of knowledge or a specialized set of skills that is relevant to his or her job.
  2. A manager who hires expert employees to support his management activities.
  3. A manager who hires outside consulting experts to manage special projects.
  4. The ability to apply power expertly.

2. Which of the following best describes a serious problem with expert power?

  1. There is no disadvantage to the use of expert power.

  2. If a manager shares his power, the organization will not be as effective as it could be.

  3. If a manager shares his knowledge, he may lose his power, but if he doesn't share his knowledge, the organization will not be as effective.

  4. If a manager doesn't share his knowledge, he may lose his power.

3. Where might expert power not be present?

  1. Managing a production line

  2. Designing software

  3. Stuffing envelopes

  4. Desktop publishing

4. Which is an example of expert power?

  1. A manager sending an employee to training for a specialized skill

  2. A manager who has specialized skills that other employees in the department have.

  3. A manager who has a general management degree

  4. A manager hiring a new employee who has expert knowledge in a particular work task

5. How can expert power turn a power relationship upside down?

  1. It can result in a subordinate being promoted over a supervisor because of the subordinate's qualifications.
  2. It can come into play when a subordinate has specialized knowledge required for a superior to accomplish a necessary task.
  3. It can allow outside expert consultants to become the leaders of the organization for a time.
  4. By definition, power relationships cannot be turned upside down.


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