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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 4 Quiz 16 Coercive Power in Leadership Definition & Examples - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Which of the following is not a disadvantage in the use of coercive power?

  1. It can hurt employee job satisfaction
  2. It can be an obstacle to innovation and creativity
  3. It can cost the company time and money
  4. It's illegal

2. What is coercive power in leadership and management?

  1. Coercive power is an illegal means of influencing employee behavior
  2. Coercive power is corrosive
  3. Coercive power is forcing employees to follow orders by use of threat of punishment
  4. Coercive power is power that corrupts

3. Why might application of coercive power in the workplace provide an obstacle to innovation and creativity?

  1. It actually creates an environment of creativity and innovation because of the pressure it puts on employees to excel
  2. It's an obstacle because it creates an environment of fear and insecurity
  3. It's an obstacle because employees are not permitted to innovate or be creative under this model of leadership
  4. It doesn't present an obstacle to innovation or creativity

4. Which of the following is not an example of coercive power in the workplace?

  1. An upper level manager telling a middle level manager that she will be demoted if her team doesn't meet production goals
  2. Writing up an employee that told a racist joke
  3. Warning employees that the least productive employees will be laid off
  4. Telling employees that they will be fired if they do not meet production goals

5. What is an advantage of coercive power?

  1. It can be effective in the long-term
  2. It helps prevent employee turnover
  3. It inspires creativity through application of pressure
  4. It can be effective in the short-term


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