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Category > Business & Finance Posted 29 Jul 2023 My Price 5.00

Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 4 Quiz 17 Independent Thinking and Leadership Definition & Skills - Quiz & Worksheet

1. What is independent thinking?

  1. Giving up when things aren't going well
  2. The ability to always choose the right solution
  3. The ability to get others to follow you
  4. The ability to think, reason, and draw conclusions based on your own experiences and learnings

2. Where can you find leaders?

  1. Sports
  2. Technology industry
  3. Politics
  4. All answers are correct
  5. Military

3. Which of the following is NOT involved in independent thinking?

  1. Brainstorming for solutions
  2. Listening to others
  3. Evaluating possible solutions
  4. Understanding the problem
  5. Coming up with a solution right away

4. What is leadership?

  1. Working the longest hours at your job
  2. Consistently getting the highest score in your class
  3. The ability to get others to buy-in or follow you to accomplish a common goal or task
  4. The ability to grow your business

5. What are skills of a good leader?

  1. Passion and commitment
  2. All of the answers are correct
  3. Self confidence and independent thinking
  4. Ability to work under stress


Status NEW Posted 29 Jul 2023 07:07 AM My Price 5.00

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