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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 5 Quiz 3 The Seven Steps of Decision Making - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Determining the feasibility, while assessing the costs and benefits comes into play during which phase of the decision-making process?

  1. Selecting among alternatives

  2. Collecting relevant information

  3. Analyzing and weighing alternatives

  4. Identifying alternatives

2. An individual who utilizes a cognitive process to select a choice among several available options is engaging in a _____ process.

  1. decision-making

  2. option-weighing

  3. ranking

  4. selection

3. Mark met with four physicians about having surgery on his foot. He has enough money saved to undergo surgery and is able to take off six weeks of paid leave from work. He has an additional two weeks of vacation time, and his mom will stay with him for the first two weeks to help out. Knowing this information, that he is being rational, and that he wants to be free of pain, which alternative should Mark choose?

  1. Stem cell injections that are not covered by insurance, requiring no downtime that have a success rate of 30%

  2. A conservative surgical procedure with a 50% success rate that may lead to more surgery in the future, requiring 3-4 weeks of downtime and costing $12,000

  3. A total foot reconstruction that has a 90% success rate, requiring 4-6 weeks of downtime, and costing $20,000 out of pocket

  4. Complete amputation and being fitted for a prosthetic

4. If Mark is considering having an experimental surgery on his foot to alleviate the pain he has while walking, which of the following is NOT part of the relevant information that he should collect in order to make an informed decision?

  1. Does his best friend think he should go ahead with the surgery?

  2. What is the success rate of this type of surgery?

  3. Which physicians are best known for performing this surgery?

  4. Are there other less invasive alternatives to having the surgery?

5. Which of the following is the final step in the decision-making process?

  1. Selecting an alternative

  2. Reviewing and assessing

  3. Implementing a choice

  4. Performing additional research


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