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Category > Business & Finance Posted 02 Aug 2023 My Price 5.00

Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 5 Quiz 9 SCM Case Study Decision Making at 3M - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Which of the following sets of information is NOT required for supply chain planning?

  1. market supply of a product
  2. responsibilities in the supply chain
  3. market demand for a product
  4. storage availability

2. Which phase of decision making is concerned with making sure the customer receives the product intact and on time?

  1. sensitivity analysis
  2. supply chain operations
  3. supply chain strategy
  4. supply chain planning

3. How did the software decrease conflict with 3M's management-discussed alternatives?

  1. the software is designed just to solve conflicts
  2. people could find out the effect of the decisions
  3. people made decisions without discussing with others
  4. the software trains people to avoid conflict

4. Once the software has been selected, what was the next important step for 3M?

  1. train staff on how to use the software
  2. look at ways to improve the software
  3. improve the supply chain
  4. start making decisions

5. Which decision area is concerned with all the stages of the supply chain?

  1. supply chain specialization
  2. supply chain strategy
  3. supply chain operations
  4. supply chain planning


Status NEW Posted 02 Aug 2023 01:08 PM My Price 5.00

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