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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 8 Quiz 2 The Work Team in Contemporary Business Definition & Analysis - Quiz & Worksheet

1. The three different types of work teams are

  1. Functional, Cross-functional and Self- Managing

  2. Formal, Cross-functional and Self- Managing

  3. Functional, Cross-functional and Individual

  4. Formal, Informal and Group

  5. Functional, Connected and Self-Managing

2. Which type of team is where groups of employees who come from different departments or job function and are used for a specific issue related to a product, process or customer?

  1. Functional

  2. Cross-Functional

  3. Formal

  4. Group

  5. Self-Managing


What benefit of using teams in the workplace does this statement describe?

Individual workers sometimes miss problems because they can't see the big picture.

  1. Improve work relationships

  2. Detect problems quicker

  3. Accomplish big tasks

  4. Brainstorm more solutions

4. What are the three Cs in work team design?

  1. Concrete, Conformity and Career

  2. Concrete, Consensus and Central

  3. Conflict, Creativity and Consensus

  4. Creativity, Conformity and Consensus

  5. Conflict, Conformity and Consensus

5. What variable of work teams provides the ability to come to a final decision based on the opinion of all of the members?

  1. Cross Functional

  2. Creativity

  3. Conflict

  4. Group Think

  5. Consensus


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