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Category > Business & Finance Posted 07 Aug 2023 My Price 5.00

Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 8 Quiz 7 Effective Management Styles for Virtual Teams - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Mr. Brown manages a virtual team. He holds weekly Skype sessions with the team where they discuss issues they're having with the current project. In addition, he has assigned each team member a project 'buddy.' What type of management style does Mr. Brown use?

  1. Transactional

  2. Transformational

  3. It cannot be determined from the information given

  4. Situational

2. Which of these is NOT true of the situational approach to management?

  1. The more management styles that are incorporated, the more effective the situational approach will be.

  2. When combined with the transactional and transformational approaches, this is probably the most effective style for managing virtual teams.

  3. The leader adopts whichever approach is called for according to the situation at hand.

  4. It calls for a high level of flexibility and adaptability.

3. Before the new project starts, Helen sends out the objectives for the project in an email to each team member and asks each person to send her weekly updates of where s/he is on the project. She states that she will reply to everyone's emails within 24 hours. In addition, she sends out an accountability plan to everyone. What type of management style is Helen using?

  1. It cannot be determined from the information given

  2. Situational

  3. Transactional

  4. Transformational

4. Which type of leader tends to view management as a sequence of transactions that results in either rewards or punishment?

  1. the transactional leader

  2. the Draconian leader

  3. the situational leader

  4. the transformational leader

5. Jenny works from home. She uses a computer to stay in touch with other members of her work team. In what type of environment does she work?

  1. virtual

  2. hostile

  3. face-to-face

  4. green


Status NEW Posted 07 Aug 2023 02:08 PM My Price 5.00

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