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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 8 Quiz 8 Tips for Building Productive Virtual Teams - Quiz & Worksheet

1. How does a manager ensure productive collaboration among virtual team members?

  1. Provide them with the tools to perform their jobs, like cloud-based technology and instant messaging

  2. Expect them to complete and mail paperwork back and forth to one another

  3. Provide an unlimited travel budget for them to meet in person as often as needed

  4. Expect them to talk on a landline telephone during their workday to keep in touch

2. How does a manager begin to build a successful virtual team?

  1. Send out an email containing members' work hours, the vacation policy, call-off procedures, and contact information

  2. Create performance plans/goals on the first day and hold the team members to tight performance expectations

  3. Advise the members only to contact you as needed since you are heavily scheduled and have a lot of work to accomplish

  4. Host an in-person or virtual introductory meeting and foster a culture of trust

3. How does a manager go about finding the right people to work on his/her virtual team?

  1. Choose employees who are new to the company

  2. Assume that good employees want to work from home

  3. Believe that employees who value working in their pajamas will be goal-oriented and responsible

  4. Choose employees who have successfully worked remotely in the past

4. Which of the following elements is NOT part of active listening?

  1. Clarify the main points

  2. Interrupt as you see fit

  3. Ask relevant questions

  4. Paraphrase the team members' thoughts

5. Which of the following phrases best describes a virtual team?

  1. Employees who work in the same building for the same department.

  2. A group of employees who work remotely but together on projects.

  3. A group of employees within a company from different departments working on a project.

  4. Employees who work for one team/manager but also have a dotted line reporting relationship to a second manager.


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