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Category > Business & Finance Posted 07 Aug 2023 My Price 5.00

Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 8 Quiz 10 Communication Tools for Virtual Teams - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Why are regular team meetings important for communication among virtual teams?

  1. They give members a chance to connect, solve problems, and build unity.
  2. To add time to employees' schedules.
  3. They make the manager look effective.
  4. In-office meetings force people to show up for work.

2. How can a virtual team be best described?

  1. A simulation of business problems and how to resolve those problems
  2. A group of robots
  3. Individuals who work together in the same office
  4. A group of team members who work in remote locations or from home

3. What advantage do videoconferencing and Zoom have over email?

  1. They are faster than texting or I.M.

  2. They add a face-to-face aspect of communication.

  3. They are more efficient than email.

  4. They are faster than email.

4. Marci is managing a group of sales representatives selling in different regions of the country. What is the first thing she should do to facilitate communication?

  1. She must schedule a communications meeting.

  2. She should publish a schedule of each representative's activities expressed in a standard time zone.

  3. She should not allow the representatives to telephone each other.

  4. She should publish a schedule of each representative's activities expressed in their own time zone.


Sally is in charge of a virtual team of 8 sales representatives. She needs a communication strategy to connect the team and allow her to quickly respond to any of their queries.

Which of these is the most appropriate method for Sally to use?

  1. Instant messaging

  2. Videoconferencing

  3. E-mail

  4. Airmail


Status NEW Posted 07 Aug 2023 02:08 PM My Price 5.00

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