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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 8 Quiz 12 How Teams Differ in a Global Setting - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Which statement is true of the typical office culture in Japan?

  1. They are very loyal to their organizations and to their bosses.

  2. If one member of the team needs to work late, the other members will not work late as well.

  3. They do not like teamwork.

  4. They will leave work for the day before their boss does.

2. Which of the following is NOT true of a team in Russian society?

  1. The leader of the team is looked at as the undisputed leader and decision maker.

  2. There is a natural acceptance of outsiders or strangers.

  3. Putting someone new in the equation may cause issues and the team will not function.

  4. It is very hard to bring a team of people together that do not already know each other or can be introduced to others by a third party.

3. Susie, Ryan, and Sally are on a team. Each one of them has a specialized area they work in for their laser manufacturing company. Yet the expectation is that they all understand and are bought into the larger vision of manufacturing lasers. What country is this team in?

  1. India

  2. Russia

  3. Japan

  4. England

4. In which of the following countries would an employee be uncomfortable giving negative feedback to a superior?

  1. Dominican Republic

  2. USA

  3. England

  4. India

5. Which of the following is true in regards to a team?

  1. Teams don't have to work together in an effort to achieve a specific goal.

  2. All teams are made up of very different personalities.

  3. All teams are made up of like-minded personalities.

  4. All teams are made up of people who like to argue and go against the rules.


Status NEW Posted 07 Aug 2023 02:08 PM My Price 5.00

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